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what was I to do? - *******Misty says WHAT?******* [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
That Misty Girl

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what was I to do? [Jan. 5th, 2006|07:52 am]
That Misty Girl
[I feel so... |numbnumb]
[I hear... |tori amos & ani difranco - Silent All These Years]


a week later and i still feel cheap. a week later and i still want to cry

guys like you are a million to one, and that makes me wanna die.

i said no...and you kept right going. i said slow down, and you kept pushing.

i gave a little, you took a lot, i wanted to slow down, but you kept rushing.

i smiled and laughed, and partied with my friends.

burying inside, what im unable to mend.

i gave in a little, and you took a lot.

i said no, but you didnt stop.

so i gave a little more, trying to satisfy your thirst,

my needs were tossed aside, and your desires put first.

im trying to let it go, but it wont leave my head.

they days go by like normal, but its back when im in bed.

when im all alone and thinking or even try to close my eyes

it all rushes back to me, and the tears are hard to dry.

you didn't force me. that, you can say.

and for allowing you to continue, is a debt to myself I have to pay.

i said no, but you didnt pay attention

i said i didnt want to do this, i was just an apprehension

was my voice so hard to hear? all you cared about was you

i was nothing but an object, What was I to do?

so now i cant stop remembering, what happened here that night

what am i to do? when its too late to make things right?


"It was his obligation to acknowledge and respect your verbal "no" by stopping his actions."